Groom Prep

7th January 2018
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Groom Prep

I often get asked “Why would I need a second photographer?”, this is one of the very reasons! Unless the groom is getting ready at the same venue as the Bride or lives a short driving distance away, the need for a second photographer will be apparent. It’s also a must for anyone who wants a record of both Bride and Groom Prep.

Groom Prep

Black and White image of Groom Prep


With the main focus being the Bride, sometimes the Groom’s story is forgotten. However Groom prep is becoming more and more popular as the year’s pass. Groom prep adds to the story that unfolds throughout the day, and a rapport is built between Groom and Photographer.

It gives the Bride and the rest of their guests an insight into how he and his party prepared and allows them to be a part of it without actually being present.

Groom showers before his Jewish Wedding at Groom Prep

Groom Prep

Groom Prep

Groom prep is always great fun, with lots of banter with the Groom and his Groomsmen. Mum fussing around everyone, rolling her eyes as the Groom shouts to her “Mum, I can’t find my cufflinks’ or “Where are my socks?” and Dad supplying everyone with beers and regaling tales of his youth.

Groom Prep

Best Man appears to scream as his button flower is attached by the groom during Groom Prep at Didsbury House Hotel.

Groom Prep


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