Sam & Aidan at the Oaks Hotel, Burnley

Bridal Prep

I joined Sam & Aidan at the Oaks Hotel Burnley pretty early in the morning.  I love Bridal Prep time as it gives everyone a chance to get used to the camera being in the room and the atmosphere is always fun and interesting.

Sam was with her two daughters, best friend and her mum.  The makeup artist and hairdresser were minutes away and apparently, Aidan had set off on his way to the hotel to get ready.  I had a last minute check of the camera gear and we were off!

The girls were remarkably relaxed, music was on, Prosecco was chilling down and all the day’s plans were falling into place nicely.  The Oaks Hotel, Burnley is a lovely warm venue so there was plenty of open windows, fresh air and light.

Aidan’s gift for Sam arrived and the girls gathered round to take a peek!

Eye make up quickly became a hot topic with the young ladies!

The Sotterro & Midgley dress was in another room, so once I had some detail shots I (very carefully) moved it into the Bridesmaids room for a silhouette shot.  It was risky to hang the dress from the light fitting but the chain looked pretty secure to me!

The fastening of the dress almost required a call to the supplier!  Was it left over right? Right over left? While Aidan professed that he was totally relaxed and calm about the whole ‘getting married’ thing, I figured the shaky hands were a bit of a giveaway, so I grabbed a quick shot of him being relaxed in the bar and left him alone to his thoughts.

The Ceremony

The service swung around soon enough, Sam looked stunning in her beautiful Sotterro and Midgley dress and Aidan was dashing in his blue suit.

Bride and Groom outside the Oaks Hotel in Burnley.

Sam & Aidan


After the service we had a bit of time before we could head into the Wedding Breakfast.  A close up magician was working the room, entertaining everyone, drinks were being drunk and selfies were being taken.  I took the Bride and Groom out for a quick walk in the gardens.

When we had a moment we headed downstairs to The Archives to try for something a bit different. Candles, a crystal and a blue gelled flash gave us this. Not exactly what I had in mind but certainly a different kind of image.