On one of the hottest, brightest and stillest days so far this year, I took Polly & Brandon up to one of my favourite places for their Pre-Wedding Shoot.  Beacon Fell has a great mix of forest trail, woodland, open vistas across miles of hillside and even a duckpond!

Just a few steps off any trail and the forest swallows you, ensuring privacy for a photoshoot.  We spent 2 hours trampling our way around the Fell top and only crossed paths with one other group.  This is perfect for getting relaxed in front of the camera

The temperature was just under 30 degrees and we met at 2pm.  The sun was blazing so we took shelter in the shade of the trees and only ventured out to stand in pockets of light under the canopy.

Here are some of my favourites from our 2 hour trek around the woods 🙂