Best Western – Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club

This was the first time that I had shot a wedding at the same venue that I got married in 17 years previously and this venue has just got better and better with time.

Danya booked me last year to shoot her wedding and I had been looking forward to it ever since.  In all our chats Danya was bubbly and excited, exactly how a Bride should be.

I started off the day with Danya and her sister Daneka sometime around 7am.  Both were very relaxed, in fact Danya had a little lie down while everyone else ran around with their last minute plans and preparations.  I shot some images of the dress and shoes while people got used to the camera being in the room before starting with the documentary coverage.

There was a short delay in getting into the Bridal Suite, so I spent some time between the two rooms where the ladies were getting ready.  Glenn and his Groomsmen were getting ready at home and travelling to the venue in an unusual mode of transport, a Scania truck!



While the make-up and hair were being created, the ladies cracked open the bubbly, laughing and joking, and generally having a good time.


Once into the Bridal Suite I was able to pose the dress before Danya was finally able to get into it.  Absolutely stunning and perfectly matched to Danya.2016-08-01_0004



So Glenn Arrived in his Scania truck,  there was some joking from the family that if Danya & Glenn had not met, Glenn would have ended up marrying this behemoth!  2016-08-01_0007

With the dress on we got some detail shots of Danya looking amazing.2016-08-01_0008

Then it was time.  Emotion, nerves, laughter, we had it all.  Danya looked stunning in the sunlight and everyone was smiling and enjoying the day.2016-08-01_0009




We had an opportunity to get some portrait style shots of Danya in the Bridal suite which I just love.  Danya was so relaxed and comfortable it was like working with a professional model.2016-08-01_0013






As usual, I stayed until the party was jumping, then bid my farewells and raced home to start editing!  Danya & Glen, thank you for letting me be part of your amazing day x