Marriott Worsley Park Wedding

Blogging is not something that comes naturally to me, but occasionally I attend a wedding that I enjoy so much, I just have to tell someone the story. This Wedding at the Marriott Worsley Park was just amazing!

A very good friend of mine, Daniel Murrientes , is also a wedding photographer and occasionally he asks me to come along to his jobs as a second shooter. I’m always guaranteed a good day, so when he asked me to help out with Martin & Kirsty’s day I jumped at the chance.

Dan left me at the Grooms house while he went off to capture Kirsty getting ready. The boys were nice and relaxed, Stella and Corona’s were on the go and everyone was looking forward to the Main event. After introductions I stalked around the house catching events as they happened without getting in the way.

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Once the boys were decent it was back to following them around the house. More beer’s were found, along with cold McDonalds.

After a final dress check it was out of the house and into the minibus to get to the Church.

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Kirsty arrived and I grabbed a couple of shots before she entered the church. As it was Dan’s wedding I spent most of my time making sure that I was not in his shot.

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Now the Vicar was quite adamant that he didn’t want a photographer at the front of the Church during the service. So all the ceremony shots had to be taken from no further than a quarter way into the Church! We had anticipated this and worked out a method of shooting remotely using a wireless trigger and an iPad, but we weren’t allowed to do this either.

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After the ceremony, while Dan captured the register signing, I ducked out to get pictures of the Church and grounds.

While Dan set up for the confetti shot (the longest one I have ever experienced) I took Martin & Kirsty down the side of the Church so they could have a moments privacy.

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Dan had arranged a quick photo shoot down by the canal, but while we were there he found a monument and after I quickly checked it out we decided we were onto a winning shot.

Martin & Kirsty (59 of 91)

The Evening Reception kicked off nice and early, with the extra large LOVE sign being a perfect backdrop.

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Marriott Worsley Park