Oaks Hotel Burnley Wedding Photography

“I don’t want my picture taken and I’ll probably end up burning your camera….”

Probably not what I was expecting to hear from the days Bride when I arrived at The Oaks Hotel in Burnley to meet Rebecca, but I had been asked by another Photographer to cover this wedding as he was away on holiday.  Not an unusual occurrence, however he did fail to mention that the Bride really was adverse to having her picture taken and all the pre-wedding communication had been with Paul the Groom.

I decided to get started by leaving the camera in the bag and just sitting quietly with Becky while she explained why she didn’t like cameras or having her picture taken.  I chatted with her for a while, had a laugh with her and her charming mother and within 20 minutes the camera was out of the bag and Becky was quite happy to see me working.  Of course, me lying on the floor taking pictures of the dress amused her and probably convinced her that I was some sort of hair brained nutcase.

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Once the ice was broken I was able to get to work properly and shoot the preparations.  Becky soon learnt to ignore me and to just enjoy her day.

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Before Becky knew it, it was time to get married.  Walked down the aisle by her Father with Paul waiting nervously Becky did really well to keep her nerves in check.  Apart from a slight hiccup with a short struggle to get Paul’s ring onto his finger everything went well!

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We had a short amount of time to get some posed images on the staircase before the wedding breakfast was scheduled to start, then upstairs to the sofa’s for some more informal pictures.

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With that out of the way it was time to relax and enjoy the singing waiter Rae Grant who surprised everyone with his routine, how he got a conga line going I have no idea.

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